pomegranate flavored veal liver

pomegranate flavored veal liver

Veal liver, tender and tasty, flavored with pomegranate vinegar and caramelized onions. Even those who are scared of eating liver, this dish will surprise you! Give it a try and start enjoying this tender surprise!

Ingredients for two:

300g veal liver

1 pomegranate

3 TBS Gin

3 TBS pomegranate vinegar (or balsamic vinegar)

1 onion (thinly sliced)

2 TBS flat parsley, roughly chopped

1 TS of beef stock powder

1 TBS butter

Olive oil, salt and pepper



Cut the pomegranate in half and knock out the pits with a large spoon, set aside, then press out the remaining juice through a sieve, add one dl of water to the juice and set aside as well.

Season the minced veal liver with salt and pepper and sear on high temperature in butter (add a splash of olive oil to the butter in order not to burn it) for about three minutes. Be careful, liver gets dry very quickly, so use high temperature and only sear it quickly on all sides. Set aside in aluminium foil.

Reduce the temperature of the stove and add the onion slices (without cleaning the pan), stir with a wooden spoon and add a little bit of butter, wait until golden. Increase temperature and deglaze with the gin and the vinegar, reduce a bit, then add the pomegranate juice / water mixture and the stock powder and reduce to the max, again for about ten minutes.

Add the meat and the parsley, as well as the pomegranate pits and toss slightly.

Serve with Rösti (Swiss-style hash browns).


restaurant tip amsterdam: visaandeschelde

restaurant tip amsterdam: visaandeschelde

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