christmas prunes

christmas prunes

An very old friend's mother used to do these chocolate prunes for christmas every year, back in 1990. Since then, I always think of them. They ask for some time, and are eaten very quickly, but its worth the hassle! 


- 60 dried prunes

- 1 TS cinnamon

- 1 TS cardamon

- 0.5 TS chilli powder / cayenne pepper

- 0.5 TS clove powder

- 200g dark chocolate 

- 40g butter

- 2 packs of chocolate couverture (the convenient packed chocolate icing from the supermarket)

- cacao powder


Take each prune and form with your fingers a little whole into them. Set aside. 

In a bain-marie, melt the 200g of chocolate and season with the above seasonings, add the butter and stir until you have a smooth ganache. With two small spoons, add a bit of the spicy chocolate mix into each prune, then put in the fridge to cool them down. 


In the meantime, melt the chocolate couverture. Once the prunes are chilled, cover them with the couverture and throw them directly into a plate full with cacao powder. Shake around until they are covered from all sides. 

Place them back into the fridge.

The perfect give-away for your christmas guests or friends!

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