saumon à l'oseille

saumon à l'oseille

This is gault millau cuisine for your home. This dish with half cooked salmon and sorrel in a creamy fish sauce has been invented by the French chef Pierre Troisgros in the 60s in his famous restaurant in Roanne and was featured on Netflix' Chefs Table.

I tried to get as close as possible to the original, and hereby proudly present my version:

Ingredients for four:

- 2dl high quality fish stock

- 2dl good dry white wine

- 2dl crème fraîche (thick one)

- 3 TBS Marsala

- 2 Echalottes

- some sorrel leaves

- 0.5 lemon

- 50g butter



Fillet the salmon, dry and set aside at room temperature.

Sauté the shallots in the butter on medium heat for about five minutes, then deglaze with the Marsala. Shortly after pour the white wine and reduce for about five minutes, then add the fish stock and keep reducing for about ten minutes. Sieve the liquid into a smaller pan and add the cream, stir well and leave simmering on medium heat.

In the meantime, with little olive oil in the frying pan, fry the fish (on medium heat) for about two minutes per side. The fish shall not be cooked through, but must be raw in the center.

Remove the sauce from the heat, add a splash of lemon juice, then season to taste with salt and pepper. Now add the sorrel and stir by shaking the pan. Pour into a deep plate and carefully place the salmon on top.

The sauce must not be too thick, more like a soup. In case it gets to thick you can add some milk before serving.

I serve this amazing dish with rice (as a main course) but mostly I prepare it for my family for Christmas as a starter, without any starch or side dish.

restaurant tip barcelona: tapas24

restaurant tip barcelona: tapas24