Ceviche is simple! There are many versions ... I chose a simple recipe I have learned to do in Peru. Don't be shocked, but they add a splash of condensed milk in order to color the juice sligthy. The result is a simple, healthy and easily created delicacy!

Ingredients (for four as a starter)

- 300g of any kind of firm, white fish (I add some salmon for the color)

- 3 limes (juice)

- 1 red onion (in very thin slices)

- 10g cilantro, roughly chopped

- 1 red chili without grains, finely chopped

- a splash of condensed milk

- 1 TS salt

- 1.5 TS ginger powder

- 1.5 TS garlic powder


Cook the onions in water for about 5 minutes to soften them a bit and to reduce the strong flavor.

Cut the fresh fish in cubes and put in a bowl.

Add all the other ingredients and combine well with the hands. 

If the fish is very fresh, you can eat it immediately (recommended), otherwise let the fish marinate for about an hour in the liquid and toss from time to time.


saumon à l'oseille

saumon à l'oseille

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