luma wagyu

luma wagyu

Wagyu, the best meat I ever had. During my numerous trips to Japan I was lucky to taste different kinds of Wagyu beef, while I found out that Hida is the best. However, they are all delicious. In Switzerland you can order a really good Wagyu from Luma, a Swiss meat refiner with amazing cuts. 

wagyu with egg and sauce

Ingredients for 2:

600g LUMA Wagyu beef (


1 TBS miso paste

1 TBS Tahini (sesame paste)

1 TS sugar

4 TBS water

1 garlic clove (pressed)

1.5 TS ginger (grated)

1 TBS soy sauce

1 pinch of sweet paprika 

1 TS mayonnaise

1 TS wasabi powder (or paste)

1 TBS sesame seeds (roasted)

2 eggyolks

Heat the water, miso and sugar in a pan and stir well, then set aside in a bowl. Add the other ingredients (except the eggs and sesame seeds) and whisk well. Add the roasted sesame seeds and set aside in two small service dishes.

In similar dishes, carefully place the eggs and set aside.

Season the dry but still cold meat with salt and sear in some olive oil on high heat for about three minutes. 

Cut the meat in thin slices and dip into the sauce as well as the raw eggyolk.

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