caprese barbieri

caprese barbieri

Tomato Mozzarella salad can be very boring, especially when the tomatoes have no taste, as often the case. These tomatoes are reduced in the oven, together with balsamic vinegar, herbs and sugar, and the Mozzarella must be of a very high quality. Surprise your guests, they will love this starter! 

cherry tomatoes, ready to be reduced in the oven


- cherry tomatoes (multi color if available)

- 2 TBS dried oregano

- 1 TS brown sugar

- 5 TBS thick dark balsamic vinegar

- 3 TBS of extra virgin olive oil

- Salt & Pepper

- Mozzarella di bufala

- Basil to decorate


Cut the tomatoes in have and put on an oven paper, then mix in all the ingredients (except the cheese). Feel free to add other herbs, or a bit more sugar and vinegar, according to your liking. 

Mix well with your hands and place at 130 degrees for one hour in the oven - switch off the oven and let it there until you serve it. 

Arrange on a plate, together with the mozzarella (add some seasalt on the mozzarella), and decorate with finely sliced basil. Add a splash of olive oil on top of the cheese and around the tomatoes.

And please, never use balsamic vinegar on top of a caprese salad! 

tomato mozzarella salad
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