light summer salad with lamb & sesame

light summer salad with lamb & sesame

Do you know the feeling when it is sooo hot outside and you don't feel hungry? I don't, but many people do! So here is a very very light dish for hot summer evenings. Surprisingly, I eat it about twice a month, so much I like it. Give it a try!


1 TBS white balsamic vinegar

1 TS mayonnaise

1 TBS sesame oil

0.5 TBS soy sauce

1-2 TBS sesame seeds

1 lettuce

1 lambsloin (approx. 200g)

some mustard

a few cherry tomatoes

salt & pepper

1 chili pod

olive oil & butter


First, roast the sesame seeds in a dry frying pan for about five minutes, then add them into the mortar and grind, with a dash of olive oil, to a fine paste.

Mix the paste with the mayonnaise and the vinegar and combine well, before adding the soy sauce and sesame oil. Add the lettuce but don’t stir the salad yet as otherwise it gets sloppy.

Roughly cut the chili pod, and add to a frying pan (with butter and olive oil) which you slowly start heating. The meat is being brushed with some mild mustard, then salted, and finally added to the hot pan and fried on high heat for about two minutes per side (after one minute, lower the temperature to medium heat).

Now wrap the meat into alu foil and place it in the oven (preheated at 80 degrees) for about 8 minutes. Like this, it stays pink and juicy at the center.

Now stir the salad, add the tomatoes, distribute on plates, and add the finely cut lamb on top. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and a dash of the salad dressing.

Let me know how it turned out!



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