bikini sandwiches

bikini sandwiches

Tapas 24 in Barcelona is among my favorite restaurants, it is simple but special. My brother and some of my friends do not agree with me, but most people do! A very simple dish is called “bikini sandwich”, all you need are five different ingredients – you won’t believe how delicious the result is! Try it and let me have your opinion …



  • Butter

  • White toast

  • Mozzarella (di bufala, the good one)

  • Serrano ham (also the good one)

  • Truffle oil to flavor

I don’t indicate any quantities, it depends on how many sandwiches you want to make. Just put as much ham and cheese as you want, but don’t overload them.


Spread the butter generously on one side of the toasts and place them butter side down in a non-sticking, cold frying pan. Put the finely sliced mozzarella on the toast, then add the ham. The latter should be extremely finely sliced, by nature).

Now butter the other toasts and cover the sandwiches, butter side up! Gently press down with your hands, they will get greasy but there is no way around that. Reminder, inside the sandwich there is no butter, only ham and mozzarella, all the butter is on the outside of the toasts.


Switch on the stove (low to medium heat) and wait for about ten minutes. Turn around the sandwiches, the hot side should be slightly brown, not burned! Press slightly down on the hot sandwich, add the lid (as otherwise the cheese won’t melt) and leave for another five to ten minutes.  

Shortly before taking them out, sprinkle truffle oil on top, it will soak in immediately. Cut the edges and cut again diagonally.

Serve some seasonal greens with a vinaigrette with those delicious little beasts and enjoy!


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