bacon & peanut butter ravioli

bacon & peanut butter ravioli

These ravioli are out of the ordinary. Kind of sweet, but salty at the same time, a good idea for a small starter. The combination comes from an american sandwich, where I saw a girl eating a sandwich made of white toast, peanut butter, blueberry jam and bacon; she said it was the most delicious sandwich she ever had, so I tried this combi as a ravioli mixture:


- 250g of white flour

- 2 eggs

- a splash of olive oil

mix well until you have a smooth dough, then let it rest for about one hour. If the dough is too hard, add some water. Roll the dough using a rollong pin, as thin as possible. 


- a handvoll of pine nuts

- 160g of bacon

- 3 TBS peanut butter

- 2 TBS blueberry jam

- cayenne pepper and salt

Cut the bacon in pieces and fry without adding oil. Add the pine nuts and fry for about 10 minutes on medium heat. Let cool down, then cut in very small pieces, use a big knife. Transfer into a bowl and add the rest of the ingredients. 

Form small balls and place on the thin dough. 

To make the ravioli, cut your sheets of rolled pasta into 50cm lengths. Place a sheet of pasta on a lightly floured work surface and brush lightly with water. Place the balls in two rows with 10cm gaps between each one. There should be 10-12 balls of filling in total on the sheet of pasta.

Take another sheet of pasta and gently cover the balls that have been placed on the base sheet. Stretch the dough over to meet the edges of the bottom pasta sheet and press gently around each ball to form a dome.

Using the ravioli stamp, cut out the raviolis around the balls. Then place on a plate covered with flour. 

Transfer the balls into boiling water and wait for about four minutes, stirring occasionally. 

Melt some butter and add sage leafs, until brown. 



simply ribs

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