My love eats her salad with olive oil and vinegar, like most Italians. I hate it, rather don't eat salad at all if there is not a good, creamy dressing! So I tried and tried and tried, until I finally found the right recipe for, in my taste, my favorite French dressing.

I make one or two bottles each time (depends on the size of the bottle). Like that I use it up to four days (no longer due to the eggs!!) and rigorously keep it in the fridge.

Ingredients and recipe:

In a tall (cylindric) plastic container I add the following ingredients:

- 1 raw egg

- 1 dl milk

- 4 TBS white vinegar (herb vinegar)

- 1 TBS mild mustard

- 1 TS spicy Dijon mustard

- 1 TS sesame oil

- 1 TS dried onion powder

- 1 TS dried dill

- 2 TS of dried salad herbs (basil, oregano)

- 1 pinch turmeric

- 2/3 of a TBS Maggi (liquid seasoning - important ingredient!!)

Now, with a hand blender, mix everything together then add, very carefully and slowly, 1 dl of sunflower oil by moving the mixer up and down, almost like you do when preparing a mayonnaise. The oil must be added in very slow thin stream, moving the blender constantly. Like this, the dressing will be thickened. If it gets too thick, add a splash of water or milk.

Before serving, squeeze in some fresh garlic and chop some fresh herbs such as basil or parsley, or even better some chives. Aaamaaziing!


And of course, as always, Molly was visiting during that day and helped me out in the kitchen!

Molly the Swiss pug (Insta) - my brother and sister in laws pug and part of the family.

Molly the Swiss pug (Insta) - my brother and sister in laws pug and part of the family.




white oreo balls

white oreo balls

brioche plait

brioche plait