steak tartare

steak tartare

This is the classic beef tartare. Why is this one sensational? Ask my guests - all I can say that they would agree!

It is very easy to make and you can vary with the ingredients. Also, you can use different meats. I use rump steak (no fat), but of course you can use the prime fillet if you wish. Cut the meat by hand, and make sure to sharpen your knife before starting. Start with very thin slices of meat, then cut them in stripes, then in cubes. Cut everything as small as possible, in order to get a fine but still natural texture. For a starter, I use about 60 grams of meat per person, for a main course it will be about 150 grams. This recipe is for four people as a starter.


  • 240g beef fillet or rump

  • 10g flat parsley

  • 1.5 TS chopped capers

  • 2 TS Worcester sauce

  • 2 TS mild mustard

  • 1 TS Dijon mustard

  • 2 TS Ketchup

  • Tabasco (a few drops)

  • 1 TS mild olive oil

  • salt to season (a few pinches, you have to taste it)

  • cayenne pepper in case you like it more spicy

(TS = tea spoon)

Mix everything together and eat it with white toast and butter. Decorate with caper berries.

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