chicken puffs

chicken puffs

I got inspired by Christina Tosi from the milk bar in NYC again! This is a recipe from her fabulous cook book, but I adapted it a bit with spices and herbs to get a hot version. I made them for a picnic at the lake, as they taste good hot, warm or even cold.

Ingredients for about 12 pcs:

- 4 chicken thighs

- 1 puff pastry (rolled out)

- 1 TBS mild mustard

- 2 TBS Philadelphia

- 4 TBS fine breadcrumbs

- 2 spring onions

- spices (turmeric, 7-spices, hot paprika, dried oregano)

Heat the oven to 180 degrees. Rub some 7-spices (I used the spicy Thai 7-spices mix but you can use any kind of hot seasoning mix), turmeric and mustard on the chicken (use your hands to well rub it in) and place the thighs on a baking paper. Drizzle some olive oil on top and bake for 30 minutes in the oven. Let cool down.

In some olive oil, glaze the finely chopped spring onion.

Once the chicken is cooled down, tear the meat of the bone with two forks, then chop it roughly with a big knife. Mix the meat with the onion and Philadelphia cream cheese, and season with salt. Taste it ... if necessary add some more 7-spices.

Cut the puff pastry in squares of about 10 cm / 4 inches and place about 1-2 TBS of the meat-mix on top. Now lift the corners and form a little package, like a parcel - make sure everything is neatly closed.

In a big plate, mix the breadcrumbs with the oregano and hot paprika. Now simply toss the pastry-packs in the crumbs. Make sure they are covered on all sides with the crumbs mixture.

In the oven, still at 180 degrees, bake for about 25 minutes.

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