roasted cabbage & truffle

roasted cabbage & truffle

If you follow my blog, you have seen the Izakaya restaurant tipp a few weeks ago. There I had this crispy and simple dish, full of texture and taste. At first I thougt: Cabbage? Roasted? How boring! It was definitely worth it! Cabbage is such a great vegetable, and so easy to prepare! Try it, as a side dish or starter!


  • 1 cabbage (I use the cone shaped one called pointed cabbage but the round one works as well)

  • Olive oil

  • Truffle oil

  • Salt (fleur de sel)

  • Fresh white Alba truffel


You have seen, there are no quantities indicated for this recipe. But one cabbage is fine for about four people (starter or side dish). So first you cut the cabbage in half, then cut out the stump. Now place the cabbage flat side down on a cutting board and cut, with a big knife, stripes of about 1.5 cm width.

In a big bowl, loosen up these cabbage pieces and add a splash or two of olive oil, then mix well with your hands and scatter them on a baking tray - be careful that they are not sticking together. I place about half a cabbage per tray (on baking paper!), and then put two trays at once in the oven.


After ten minutes of roasting at 200 degrees, switch the position of the trays in order to allow both portions to get the same amount of heat in the oven. Make sure to use “circulating air” in the oven when using two trays at once.

After fifteen to twenty minutes total roasting time, the ends start to turn black and burned, which is good! Before they are all burnt though, take them out and let cool down for about five minutes on the tray.

Now transfer back into the bowl, add some fleur de sel, some splashes of trufflled olive oil and mix with your fingers before serving. Add fresh truffle on top if your budget allows. Mine didnt, therefore I had it without, which was very good too!

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