risotto & salsiccia

risotto & salsiccia

Risotto is a very common dish in Italy, and honestly, I did not invent the salsiccia risotto, as there are many similar recipes. However, I try to make one which is simple and quick, and tastes heavenly!

You may refer to my other blog, where I make sicilian salsiccia from scratch, however you can also buy one in order to make this a quick and simple dinner. It is very easy, just respect some points in terms of the ingredients. I chose a spicy salsiccia and arborio risotto. Arborio is a very regular rice which cooks equally, therefore the result is an evenly “al dente” risotto. Make sure not to overcook it, and keep it liquid. I personally don’t like risotto very much, but if it is semi-liquid and full of taste, I really like it!

Ingredients for four (as a main course):

  • 2 onions

  • 2 generous glasses of good red wine (a full bodied italian like Ripasso or Amarone works very well)

  • 300g salsiccia

  • 300g Arborio risotto

  • Beef stock (make at least one liter, not too concentrated as the salsiccia adds saltyness and taste)

  • 150g Pecorino romano (try to find it, otherwise Parmesan works as well, but Pecorino is much smoother and better)


Destroy the salsiccia by squeezing out little balls of salsicia, right into a heavy and big pan. Cut the onions in half, then in thin stripes, and add to the pan as well. Add a good spoon of butter (in northern Italy, butter is used a lot instead or in addition to olive oil) and heat up everything (medium to high heat), then roast for about ten minues, always stirring. Don’t worry, the salsiccia can fall apart a bit, so you might end up with more but smaller pieces, which is fine.


Now add the rice, and keep on roasting for another three minutes, then pour the wine and stir, making sure nothing burns! When the wine almost evaporated, add one cup of the beef stock and stir. Continue to do so for the next fifteen minutes, always wait until the stock is reduced, then add another cup.

After approximately fifteen minutes, try the rice, it must not be too soft, keep it al dente. Once you are satisfied with the rice, add another cup of stock, and the grated pecorino cheese, and stir until you have a heavenly smooth and creamy risotto.

Serve immediately - the next day it won’t taste as good anymore!

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