veal chop

veal chop

The veal chop – a delicious piece of meat, but only if cooked to perfection. Jacky Donatz, the famous chef (decorated with Michelin stars), really mastered this dish while cooking at the «Sonnenberg», the official Fifa restaurant in Zurich. I had it many times and always tried to do it as well back home. Finally, I am quite happy about my version, which is a bit different as I add some more and different flavours to it. Just follow exactly how I describe below and you will see how easy and perfect it will be!


The quantities depend on how many chops you are preparing. Just add more quantities (fats and herbs) in case you cook several chops. The directions below are the important thing to follow.  

  • Veal chop (s)

  • Butter and olive oil (half half) – like two TBS each

  • Fresh garlic one clove

  • Fresh thyme and rosemary : up to liking

  • Salt, paprika (not the spicy one, the sweet one) & pepper


You do not need a sauce here, as it is flavoured with all these herbs, but for sauce lovers I recommend a balsamic vinegar reduction, or just some chilli oil or olive oil and salt.  

Directions :

First of all, the veal chop must have room temperature, so take it out of the fridge at least one hour before.

Take a non-coated pan (like the one in the picture), as a non-sticking frying pan does not get hot enough. Add the butter and olive oil in the pan and switch on high heat.


Generously season the meat, and when the pan is really hot, add the veal chop. Now important, don’t touch it for about a minute, just let it sear. Meanwhile, add the herbs and the slightly smashed garlic clove to the pan in order o flavor the fats. After one minute, shake the pan, the meat won’t be sticking to the pan any more. Wait for another minute before turning the meat. Again, let it sit for one minute, don’t touch it, and lower the temperature to medium heat. Slightly tilt the pan in order to spoon out the butter and baste the meat many many times, like for the next three minutes or so. All in all, the veal chop will need about 5 - 6 minutes in the pan, two on the first side and then four on the other side. Now take it out and put the entire pan into the oven at 70 degrees for about 8 minutes. It allows the juices to distribute in the meat in order to get juicy.

 Now simply serve it and, if necessary, add some sea salt and good extra virgin olive oil.



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