cep crostinis

cep crostinis

These crostinis are divine! The ingredients consist of only a few but well chosen flavors. Also, our vegetarian friends will love it!


- 120g of Brie (the cheese shall not be kept in the fridge in order to soften up)

- 1 TS mild mustard

- 50g butter (soft)

- fresh ceps and chanterelles (or any mushrooms you like)

- 0.5 chili pod

- 20g flat parsley (you really need 20g!)

- 2 baguettes


Cut the baguette in slices and toast them slightly (I do it in the oven with the grill, just about 2 minutes).

Mix the Brie (cut in small cubes) with the mustard and butter. Crush the mix with a fork until you get a smooth buttery paste which you spread on the toasted slices of bread. Set aside.

Cut the mushrooms in medium bits. In a non-stick frying pan, heat some olive oil on high heat, then add the mushrooms and chili. Stir by shaking the pan and be careful not the burn the food. The heat must be high, otherwise the mushrooms will absorb water.


Mix in the parsley, then add the mushroom mix on the bread.  


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