fettuccine della casa

fettuccine della casa

This is the signature dish of a great restaurant I often go for dinner - latino in Zurich. The pasta is simple but delicious! I tried to copy it and ... I must say - quite satisfied with the result!

Ingredients for 4

- 500 - 600g fettuccine or any pasta

- 200g parma ham

- 300g cherry tomatoes

- 250g mascarpone

- 5dl tomato sauce

- 30g morels

- a good hand full of roughly chopped parsley


Cut the tomatoes in quarters and cut the ham in stripes of (about 1.5 x 5 cm). If you have dried morels, soak them in lukewarm water for about fifteen minutes, then wash them again to get rid of eventual dirt. 

Heat the tomato sauce in a regular deep pan. I use the home made passata made from good italian tomatoes, but you can use any kind of good tomato salsa, but be careful to just use a simple tomato sauce and not one with additional flavors - simply strained tomatoes, no chunks or pieces. 


Add the mascarpone and stir well, season with salt and cayenne pepper. 

Cook the pasta in a different pan (al dente of course!) I add the water from the morels to flavor the pasta water. Like that you don't throw out this fabulous flavor. Before using it however I pass the water through a sieve in order not to have sand or dirt in the pasta. 

Now add all the ingredients into the sauce and heat for about five minutes in order to soften up the cherry tomatoes a bit. 

Mix everything together and serve. I don't use parmesan on top of the dish - there is simply no need! Just sprinkle some parsley on top and enjoy. 

brioche plait

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